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Whether you are a new business owner, or a location with an established client base, you need to be “on the web”. Never had a website? Your name IS still out there, just maybe not how you would like your business seen. Let us talk about how you want people to perceive you on the internet.


Established Website

Did someone build you a website a number of years ago? Do you think it needs an entirely new look to go with the 2020s? Is it no longer actively driving clients to your business? Or has it actually expired, becoming one of those, “I will get to it someday” things to do. Make today the day you revitalize your business web presence.


Website Tweaking

Do you have a perfectly good website, but just need it to do, “this one thing” to make it awesome? Or maybe just feel like it needs a little freshening up, “Nothing major”? Lets sit down and talk about what would make your website dreamy.

Tablet to lookup site

Why it is important for your business to have a website, and keep it current

In a recent survey conducted by Melbourne SEO Services, a cross section of people were asked a series of questions, Questions asked included “How do you search for products and services you need?”, “What search engine do you use most?”, and “How often do you use Google?”

Want to hear the results?

“53.85%, of respondents saying they haven’t used the yellow pages in the last year, while 100% of respondents said they use google every day.

The REALLY interesting part?

The study was done in 2010. (Source: Melbourne SEO Services )

With the proliferation of mobile devices, people so rarely stop at service stations to check the Yellow Pages. that most no longer have them available. Instead, consumers whip out their smart phone and say, “Hey google. Where can I get a hamburger close by?”

Your appearance on the web may be the first thing a consumer sees, before they see your beautiful storefront, before they meet your friendly employees and before they see your quality and well priced merchandise or learn about your professional services.

Use your website to tell people what your company does, and why and how it does it better than the competition. What’re you known for? Who likes you? What’s your number one competitive advantage?

At Darlgon Web Design, I have experience in marketing and the technical know how to build your website how you want it. Together we can develop a business strategy to use your web presence to drive customers into your business, where you can convert browsers into buyers.

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